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It’s a real pleasure to walk on leather, its sensuality is revealed at every step, and quickly you let yourself be seduced by the cozy atmosphere it gives off.

For 20 years now we have been using leather flooring and wall coverings and have used our experience to optimize the performance of our product.

Differences in grain appearance are the guarantee of a natural product, which is why we find traces of the animal’s life, namely neck wrinkles and the particularly regular areas of the butt. Our very resistant finishing layer, making the bulk of the strength of our panels, ensures the leather does not age but patinates, thus ensuring the durability of your satisfaction and the longevity of our product.

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Antique Collection

Our reference Antique Tille panels are made with cattle leather (Taurus) of 4.5mm thick, based on a natural vegetable tanning (Québracho and Acacia), which after processing confirms the authenticity by the traces of the animal’s life and its marbled appearance. This leather is the one used for making shoes such as JOHN LOBB – BERLUTI

Irregularities in appearance (wrinkles, blemishes, stretch marks, spots, light or dark areas giving shades of color on the same skin are normal as they are related to tanning and dyeing on natural support. This confirms that it is a natural product, just like wood with its ribbing and color nuances. Its hard to the touch finish gives it a rather rustic feel.

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Young Bull Collection

Tradition panels are made of solid bull leather with a polyurethane finish, used for its high resistance, its grained appearance rendering it insensitive to shocks. The pigmentation process makes the appearance uniform and allows a wide range of colors giving it a contemporary look, its softness to the touch leaves a more friendly appearance.

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YB 2
Nature Collection

After having undergone light sanding, our panels take a velvet appearance. The soft, cozy side gives them a particularly sensual touch. A new generation specific processing allows a ground installation for an unequaled comfort.

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 Relaxing Collection

This collection  is made in such a way that it gives a feeling of well-being to walk on. In the mind we can get closer to reflexology with acupuncture points without additional intervention. For the leather covering, it will be identical to REF.YOUNG BULL.

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