A touch of art

Leather embroidery

Embroidery can transform an ordinary wall into a unique, personalized work of art. It's a practice that goes back centuries. On floors and walls, it can be a unique and creative way to decorate your space, adding personality, artistry and texture. Flowers, lettering and other patterns can add an artistic touch. Embroidery on leather is a great way to personalize and embellish your interior design.  


Other custom colors on request. Shaded aspects are the guarantee of a natural product. We offer a range of finishes, including matte, satin, gloss and micro-billé.

The leathers we use are bull hides, approximately 5.50 m2 in size, and allow us to produce large panels. We use a rigid backing 5mm thick, or thicker as required. Rated M1, it offers major advantages in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Option... A sticker can be placed under the tiles. For wall application