Design & Leather

For almost 40 years, we've been working with leather floor and wall coverings, using our experience to optimize the performance of our product. Differences in appearance are the guarantee of a natural product: the traces of the animal's life and the particularly regular areas of the croupon are discreetly revealed in perfect aesthetic harmony. Leather does not age, but develops a patina, and our highly resistant topcoat ensures the longevity of our product.


Our tiles ref. Antique Prestige are made from 4.5mm thick cowhide (Taureau), with natural vegetable tanning (Québracho and Acacia).

Our Antique Prémium slabs have the same characteristics as the Antique prestige slabs, with the added benefit of our high-comfort overlay.

Tradition tiles are made from solid bull leather with a polyurethane finish, used for its high resistance and grained appearance, which makes it impervious to shocks.


This variety of slabs is designed to give you a feeling of well-being when you walk on them. In spirit, it's akin to reflexology.

Authentic parchment, a symbol of refinement since antiquity, brings a bit of history into your home for an unrivalled look.


Unique and original, a leather staircase is an unusual design option. Often associated with elegance and refinement in an interior space.


On floors and walls, it can be a unique and creative way to decorate your space. Flowers, lettering or other motifs. Let your creativity run wild.

Precision work to highlight the details on the leather. Personalize your walls and floors... Logos and other motifs.

A warm, sensual material, more seductive than ever, leather invites itself into the home, creating a new contemporary art form.


The idea of a leather washbasin with protective resin to bring innovation and give a unique look to a bathroom.


Our workshop has chosen to work the old-fashioned way, respecting the rules of the art and traditional manufacturing methods. CUIR DECO offers made-to-measure sofas and club chairs in quality leather. Our Atelier du Club department surrounds itself with skilled craftsmen to meet the demands of enthusiasts for top-of-the-range, durable furniture.