Frequently asked questions

How strong are the tiles? +

Yes, because we've developed a topcoat that stands the test of time and the accidents of everyday life.

Are they UV-treated? +


Are they fire-resistant? +


Scratch-resistant? Stiletto heel-resistant? +

Yes, they have been tested and comply with the standards set by our laboratory and our self-imposed quality charter.

Are they suitable for use with underfloor heating? +


Are the tiles self-adhesive? +

Yes, on request.

Can they be used on any surface? +

Yes, you can lay them directly on tiles, short-pile carpet, parquet or concrete...

Are they easy to install? +

It's quick and easy to install our tiles. You can even consider doing it yourself - we'll give you all the advice you need. You can also hire a carpet fitter.

What if I need to cut a slab to lay it? +

With a cutter or jigsaw.

Which glue should I use? +

Specific Cuir Déco glue, supplied on delivery.

How are the joints between tiles made? +

The slabs are designed to be seamless, with the angled profile ensuring a perfect joint
between the slabs.

Are the tiles numbered if you lay them yourself? +

A simple marking system makes it easy to assemble to match the layout.

Can tiles be made to measure? +


What is the largest possible width? +

500 x 500 mm. standard

Custom dimensions within the limits of the skin size.

Will I get a uniform color all over the floor? +

  • Yes, for the Young Bull Tiles reference,
  • No, for the Antique Tiles reference, the tiles have a marbled look.

What are the acoustic qualities of leather tiles? +

Young Bull tiles and Antique Tiles are particularly suitable for acoustic problems.

Can I get my tiles back if I move house? +

Yes, it is possible to install a support that will allow the tiles to be removed without damaging them.

How do I care for tiles? +

For routine maintenance, simply use a vacuum cleaner and a slightly damp cloth with Cuir Déco products.

What to do in case of stains? +

Our tiles are stain-resistant.